Grayling , Michigan

About the Job

JOB SUMMARY Technician Vacancy Announcement Excepted Appointment – Permanent Position Description: D1222000 FC/MD: 7021/711 COMPATIBLE MILITARY ASSIGNMENT: AFSC/MOS/AOC: 13M,91, 94 The National Guard’s full-time support program requires that all military technicians are members of the National Guard and are appointed to full-time positions which correspond to their military assignments. (IAW TPR 303, 24 August 2005) Army National Guard Army National Guard Surface Maintenance Combined Support Maintenance Shop (CSMS) ARNG surface maintenance personnel and ARNG support maintenance center personnel employed in a Combined Support Maintenance Shop (CSMS), Maneuver Area Training Equipment Site (MATES), Unit Training Equipment Site (UTES), or Watercraft Support Maintenance Center (WSMC) are assigned to compatible positions in units which are supported by the employing activity. (IAW TPR 303, 24 August 2005) MILITARY GRADE: MINIMUM MILITARY GRADE: E1 MAXIMUM MILITARY GRADE: E8 Grade inversion within the full time workforce in not permitted. The military grade must not exceed that of the supervisor. Members applying for this position and exceeding the maximum military grade listed on this job announcement MUST submit a statement in writing that they are willing to take an administrative reduction in grade to the advertised military grade on the job announcement for which applying. Applicants who exceed the military grade will NOT be placed into the technician position until they have been administratively reduced to the military grade on the job announcement. SF-50 (Notification of Personnel Action): *Current Federal Employees are recommended to submit a recent SF-50(Notification of Personnel Action) with their application- To download yours visit MyBiz or your agency's personnel database.

Date Posted

Monday, January 1, 2018

Degree Required