Air National Guard Units (Title 32) Aircraft Mechanic (Flightline)

Kelly AFB , Texas

About the Job

After you submit your application, return to your USAJOBS account to check the status of your application. Status updates are available on your profile dashboard. Your application will be reviewed to make sure you're eligible and meet the qualifications for the position. If qualifications are met, your application will be referred to the hiring official and your status will be updated to "Referred" on your profile dashboard. All other applicants (not being considered) will receive a "Not Referred" status.This position is located at the 149th FW, Kelly AFB, San Antonio, TX. The purpose of this position is to act as the crew chief with responsibility for directing the total maintenance effort on individually assigned aircraft.Appointment Factor(s):This is an Excepted Service position that requires active membership in a compatible military assignment in the Texas Air National Guard (TXANG) and wear of the military uniform. Applicants must be a current member of the National Guard or be on Active Duty and be eligible and willing for immediate transfer to the TXANG. If you are not sure you are eligible for TXANG membership,please contact a TXANG recruiter at 1-800-529-4776 before applying for this position.Areas of Consideration:Current Active Duty Air Force and Air National Guard Members Nationwide. This includes:All current members of the National Guard andAll Active Duty Air members eligible for immediate membership in the TXANG.Incentives: Acceptance of a military Federal technician position may result in termination and / or repayment of military incentives. Please check your contract and contact your servicing Education Services (Incentives) office or the Recruiting/Retention office.Rank Spread:E3 (A1C) - E5 (SSgt)Remarks: Shift work may be required.Position may be converted to Permanent at a later date without further competition.This is a Bargaining Unit position.The Texas National Guard is an Equal Opportunity employer.Veterans preference is not applicable in this agency.

Date Posted

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Degree Required