Food Safety and Inspection Service VMO (Public Health) (Public Health Veterinarian)

Anchorage , Alaska

About the Job

IMPORTANT INFORMATION CONCERNING THIS ANNOUNCEMENT ThisJob Announcement FSIS-2014-VMO-0389 is an open continuous job announcement that is used to collect applications from applicants and fillvacant positionsas they become available. Applicants are required to havecompleted a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine professional degree prior to beginning working for FSIS. Whena request is receivedto fill a vacant Veterinary Medical Officer (VMO) position in a specific geographic location, a listofthe best qualified applicants interested in thatlocation, will be sent to thehiring manager for further consideration. The list of citiesdoes not specifically mean thatthere is a current vacancy in that city.It is difficult to predict if or when a specific citywill have a vacant position. To ensure continued interest and availability, your application is only valid for 6 months (180 days) or until the closing date of this announcement, whichever comes first. You will receive an email notification to remind you to recertify your continued interest.

Date Posted

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Degree Required